When to consider an

Energy Reading:

  • Moving into a new      home or office

  • Having trouble       sleeping at night

  • Stressed or experiencing mood swings

  • Low energy or           feeling stuck

Your living space carries a natural energy to it.  Energy sources range from the electrical wires within your walls to subtle sources like revious residents, guests you invite into your home and even you and your family.  Over time, this energy builds up and you begin to “feel” the effects on you and your family.   

Energy Readings from Double Happiness Studio are popular because we conduct the session without entering your home!  You receive a personalized report with specific recommendations to address blocked or leaking energy.  Scroll down to request your personalized energy reading report!

Double Happiness Studio

New clients can receive a Feng Shui Energy Reading for just $89 - This is a $100 savings off the standard consultation price. 

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