Beata Kulitskaya is founder/owner of Double Happiness Studio, a certified Feng Shui consultant and certified Qi-Gong practitioner.  Her journey into Feng Shui started with her studies at Moscow Academy of Architecture and Design.   After receiving her degree in Interior Design, Beata continued her studies for Asian art, literature and culture.  This led her to discover her passion for Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese science and art of creating harmonious environments for living and work.   

Beata's passion for Feng Shui are based on how these principles can be applied to everyday life to help clients achieve their goals at home and at work.  Her specialized training and certifications continued under James Jay, Master and instructor of BTB Feng Shui school of Grand Master Lin Yun.  Beata expanded her studied abroad in Thailand, South Korea and China to gain a deeper understanding how Feng Shui Masters incorporate Feng Shui principles into everyday living.  

Beata furthered her professional develop under Master Chunyi Lin, renowned healer and Qigong energy worker.  Beata’s has completed four levels of Qigong certification and actively incorporates energy readings into her Feng Shui consultations.  Her interest to expand her energy work with Qigong (the movement of energy) with her Feng Shui expertise offers a broader base of solutions for her clients. Beata’s expertise has helped her clients understand how to put Feng Shui to use to improve their financial situations, career and businesses, improve relationships and enhance her clients’ health and well being.  Beata works with clients throughout the United States,  Europe and Russia.

Double Happiness Studio