Double Happiness Studio provides Feng Shui consultations to address your everyday, practical situations.  We provide solutions  that span from home owners to big corporations.  The founder, Beata Kulitskaya, draws from a diverse, international base of training and experience to provide recommendations and solutions tailored to each individual client.


In addition to individual consultations, Double Happiness Studio hosts seminars and workshops each month.  The seminars are designed as introductory courses of how Feng Shui can improve any number of life goals, including your career, relationships, your health and help you achieve your personal goals.  Participants learn how to implement Feng Shui principles for everday situations at home, in the office or for a business.  The seminars provide a great introduction to my services and how you can personally benefit from Feng Shui. To learn more about upcoming seminars and register, please visit  Group or visit me on  

People search for remedies to find happiness and their personal goals but few understand how they can achieve this within the walls of their own home.  Contact us to learn how Feng Shui principles can be applied within your home to help you attain your goals faster, whether it's happiness, wealth, prosperity, health or love.  Our promise is we will provide a tailored approach for you, not a cookie cutter approach like other remedies offer. 

Beata Kulitskaya
Certified Feng Shui Consultant